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Pedalboard and Amp Tolex Finishes

We use only genuine Kayline MADE IN USA tolex finishes at the Maple Rock Pedalboard Shop. We can match most amps, and can even do multi coloured pedalboard finishes, racing stripes and more! All in stock tolexes are included with your Maple Rock Custom Shop Pedalboard.

IN STOCK - Levant/Bronco (Fender Style) Tolex Finishes

Fender style black tolexFender style tolex CanadaFender style tolexFender style tolex Fender style tolexfender style seafoam tolexFender style tolex CanadaFender style tweed pedalboard

IN STOCK - Elephant Jungle Bark (Marshall Style) Tolex Finishes

Marshall style tolexMarshall style tolex CanadaMarshall Vox style amp coveringMarshall jubilee style tolex canada

Other In Stock Finishes

black pedalboard tolexblack pedalboard tolex Canadablack pedalboard coveringpedalboard covering Canadacovering a pedalboardbuild a pedalboard onlinepedalboard wrappingpedalboard material canada

IN STOCK - Maple Rock Specialty Finishes

Lacquered tweed pedalboardLacquered tweed pedalboard Canadahardwood pedal board canada

In Stock Grill Cloth Bottom Panels
(Optional Pedalboard Bottom Covers)

Special Order Tolex Finishes

These tolex finishes are available at our warehouse here in Canada, and generally be in our shop within a few days. Please contact us to order one of these finishes. We can also cover your pedalboard with your finish if you would like to send it to us.

Special Order Grill Cloth Covers