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Nick Name

Toronto, Ont.


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Nick Name is a loop-artist, musician and producer who's worked with numerous headline acts across Canada and the USA, recently producing Dahlia’s ‘ SHIFT (Winner of 'Best Singer/Songwriter' at the Toronto Independent Music Awards'), “Hollywood Music Award” winner Hilary Weaver, and several other artists including Shyann, Sons Of July, Rye N' Wild, Ivan Otis, Andrew Scott, Mike Celia, Daniella Watters Aka. XAri, Makk Mikkael and Kendal Thompson.

Nick was named 'Emerging New Media Artist of the Year' at the 2014 Marty Awards, and his work as an audio engineer and composer has been featured in several films, winning multiple awards across film festivals worldwide. As a performer he has recently made cameo appearances in TV shows such as the two time Emmy-winning 'Odd Squad’, US series 'Broke & Famous’, and in music videos for artists such as Nelly Furtado.

Currently Nick works closely with audio post-house Toronto Sound while continuing to develop upcoming artists with The Eggplant stereo.


It's always a pleasure to work with such a talented and professional musician. From the first time Nick walked through our shop door, it was clear that he was driven to think outside of the box, to be an innovator, and to push his skills as a musician and producer, as well as his gear, to new and exciting levels.