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Jayden Grahlman,

Owen Sound, Ontario.

Being around Jayden when he has a guitar in his hand and a song on his lips is being around a good thing. There’s nothing to figure out, it’s just musical joy. Combining effervescent, capable song writing with truly staggering guitar chops, he delivers performances that not only say “man can this guy play” but more over, “isn’t music wonderful!”

Jayden is currently working on his new album, and is
reaching out for support in funding the creation of his first studio album. If you love feel good music - made with love from the heart of a real artist, contribute and share this campaign - and receive Jayden's new album and sweet perks for doing so!

Link to the funding page; https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/diving-in-jayden-grahlman-hiphop/x/15967474#/