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Welcome to the Maple Rock Pedalboard Custom Shop. Proudly Canadian hand built pedal boards. We're sure glad you found us!

Custom Pedalboard with case

Here at Maple Rock Pedalboards we pride ourselves in building the best and most durable pedal boards you can imagine. We build them for you, and we build them with you in mind every step of the way at our custom shop. We're guitar players, so we understand what your needs are. Customer satisfaction comes first at Maple Rock Pedalboards, we provide our clients with top notch service, during the whole process of the pedal board making; from the particular design you always wanted to have, discussing all the possible options to the delivery and the warranty, and beyond! As your needs change we're here to help. It's always nice to see a friendly face, and to help out making adjustments to your rig for your next project. Your pedalboard is also built to the highest standards, using only genuine made in USA tolex, and proven quality parts, such as Switchcraft, Neutrik, and Mogami.

You will be taken care of. Proud of your board and with the peace of mind that it will last, having Maple Rock right there if needed.

Hardwood Custom Pedalboard

We are all about value. We source the best materials and components available and we are constantly looking for high quality and exclusive products. We believe in high quality, professional grade and exclusive products.

We are also proud of the product we offer, and our customers are too. We build all kinds of pedal boards. From a basic design perfect for the DIY guitar player, all the way through to the touring musician. We do custom projects for all skill levels, all genres of music, and all players of all instruments. We are proud of not only the projects we've completed, but the friendships we have made in our journey in this business. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving you.

Now what's YOUR pedal board?