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Charlie Leduc,

Ottawa, Ont.

Chalie Leduc, lead vocalist and guitarist for Deformatory, a Brutal Technical Death Metal Band in Ottawa, Ontario.
Influences: Trey Azagthoth (Morbid Angel), James Murphy (Disincarnate, ex-Death, ex-Obituary), Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation)


Deformatory has been pumelling the extreme metal scene for nearly a decade with their own brand of relentless, technical death metal.

Signed to CDN Records, Deformatory released
In The Wake of Pestilence (2013), and Malediction (2015), which has garnered worldwide attention, solidifying them as one of Canada's heaviest bands.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Charlie Leduc is proud to use, and promote Canadian-made products like his killer custom Maple Rock Pedalboard, and Airis Effects guitar pedals.

Check out this video where Charlie showcases his custom Maple Rock creation:

Deformatory is currently preparing to record their third full length album, which is slotted for release through CDN Records in 2018-2019.

To listen to Deformatory, please visit their official website: