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Bill McMillan,

Toronto, Ontario.

Bill McMillan, Professional Guitarist

Bill McMillan is a highly gifted musician, with a wealth of studio, live, and touring experience. Bill can cover and compose Rock, Blues, Folk, Glam Rock, Hard Rock, Blues/Jazz, Pop Rock, Pop, and Country. He is available for studio/touring/TV and other guitar related gigs and shows. Professional attitude and pro gear. Extremely personable, building a positive rapport and fostering professional relationships with those in the music industry.

Contact Bill McMillan billmcmillanbm@gmail.com

www.billmicmillan.ca - Coming soon!

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ROOKIE VIDEO - Toronto's Premier Rock & Roll Cover Band

A very special thank you to our friend Bill McMillan, for his ongoing support and inspiration, and for helping us do what we do best at Maple Rock Pedalboards.

Bill in the studio, rockin' his Maple Rock ProSeries Pedalboard.

Bill McMillan rocking the stage with Sons of Perry. Pictured (from left to right) are; Bill McMillan - Bob J Robinson - Steve Kenny

Bill McMillan on stage during sound check, prior to another rockin' performance.